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My wonderful brother and sister-in law are allowing me to borrow their macro lens.  Fun!!!!  I still am trying to get the hang of the thing and need to find my tripod but I have taken a bunch of pics.  There are quite a few that are far from great but I like them anyway!!! I really do need to try to take pictures somewhere other than my backyard!! Okay, bear with me, I know they are not great but heck, practice makes better!


beeinballoonflower beeonchive

butterflybushbutterfly butterflybushbutterflyclose

smallspider spider

hydrangea pinkflower

pinkflowertall pinkflowermiddleclose pinkflowersidebud

rosebud flowermiddle metalbirds

surpriselilyclose minimikey lilybydoor

maisiecute mikeybydoor lilypaws



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pink_rose birds_in_row salvia

radishes birdbatch_flowers tub_garden

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Garden update

It has been a week of daily (almost) gardening.  The effort has certainly paid off.  There is still a small amount left to do but it will be easy peasy.

lgbed_corner table veg_garden

peony buttercups irises_purple

rainbow_rose irises_yellow guara


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There is a deceased (thank goodness) rosebush in the garden that will soon be sent to it’s grave.  It reminds me of something out of a horror movie where the plants attack.

thorns2 thorns3 thorns

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flower61The gardening urge is strong!!!  I went through some pictures of the garden from recent years and the planting but was catapulted out of  hibernation.  I did start the daunting task of trying to pull out the emerging garlic chives today. Mikey is very good at helping me dig (especially in those places that don’t need it).  Maisie was curious and the kitties sat on the steps and watched.  It was a good day!

flower51  flower43  100_00591

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