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Outside again!

jessandcharkie lily mikeysniffing

graybee garlicchives lightcosmo mikeymaisie hydrangeawaterfar mikey

hydrangeawater closecosmopollen gardeningangel



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I found a couple of new gardening friends.  The caterpillar will become a black swallow-tail butterfly.

brightcaterpillar caterpillar pinkflower1

butterfly spider pinkfloweranddill

charkielookingup charkietop

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Here we go again!

Some new pictures from the garden:

beeonrussionsage birdbathdoves fullhydrangea butterflybushclose

hydrangeaclose orangenasturtium rose

russiansage surpriselily
And since Lily was jealous that only Charkie was in the last post:

grumpylily lilylookingatmaisie

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balloonflower daisies lilylg mikeyjr butterfly liliesgrouprockwall turtle

hostasundercrabapple angelwingbegonia balloonfloweropen

hostas hydrangea beeandhosta

maisiegarlicchives mikey smileymaisie


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veggarden1 beans2 zucchini

clematis1 clematis2

hydrangea1 hydrangea2

And of course, my gardening counterparts –


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pink_rose birds_in_row salvia

radishes birdbatch_flowers tub_garden

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Garden update

It has been a week of daily (almost) gardening.  The effort has certainly paid off.  There is still a small amount left to do but it will be easy peasy.

lgbed_corner table veg_garden

peony buttercups irises_purple

rainbow_rose irises_yellow guara


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