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The new bed!

The cats have a new bed. They adapted it themselves. Very resourceful considering it is a bowl. Charkie models their newest acquisition.

charkieinbowl1 charkieinbowl2 charkieinbowl3


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My wonderful brother and sister-in law are allowing me to borrow their macro lens.  Fun!!!!  I still am trying to get the hang of the thing and need to find my tripod but I have taken a bunch of pics.  There are quite a few that are far from great but I like them anyway!!! I really do need to try to take pictures somewhere other than my backyard!! Okay, bear with me, I know they are not great but heck, practice makes better!


beeinballoonflower beeonchive

butterflybushbutterfly butterflybushbutterflyclose

smallspider spider

hydrangea pinkflower

pinkflowertall pinkflowermiddleclose pinkflowersidebud

rosebud flowermiddle metalbirds

surpriselilyclose minimikey lilybydoor

maisiecute mikeybydoor lilypaws


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Here we go again!

Some new pictures from the garden:

beeonrussionsage birdbathdoves fullhydrangea butterflybushclose

hydrangeaclose orangenasturtium rose

russiansage surpriselily
And since Lily was jealous that only Charkie was in the last post:

grumpylily lilylookingatmaisie

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Okay, this may not seem like much to anyone else, but my beautiful daughter allowed me to take a few pictures of her.  Mind you, I snapped fast before she could change her mind.  These are rare!!

jesssmile jessprofilesmile jessfunnyface

Charky, on the other hand, does not mind the camera.

charkyeyes charkygrass charkygrassblur

charkygrassprofile charkyeatinggrass charkyprofileclose

noses And then there is my boy!  mikeyclose

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Zoo Day

A local business sponsored a free admission day to our wonderful zoo.  Henry Doorly Zoo is ranked in top five (#4 from TripAdvisor) and deserves this high number.  I have mixed feelings about zoos.  I appreciate the work they do in conservation, breeding and education but I wish there was not a need.

big-bama red monkey in tree polar bear

monkey baby bunny hippo

jess and pig monkey close parrot

eating carrots white crocodile sea lion baby


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