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My wonderful brother and sister-in law are allowing me to borrow their macro lens.  Fun!!!!  I still am trying to get the hang of the thing and need to find my tripod but I have taken a bunch of pics.  There are quite a few that are far from great but I like them anyway!!! I really do need to try to take pictures somewhere other than my backyard!! Okay, bear with me, I know they are not great but heck, practice makes better!


beeinballoonflower beeonchive

butterflybushbutterfly butterflybushbutterflyclose

smallspider spider

hydrangea pinkflower

pinkflowertall pinkflowermiddleclose pinkflowersidebud

rosebud flowermiddle metalbirds

surpriselilyclose minimikey lilybydoor

maisiecute mikeybydoor lilypaws



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Fun in the sun

Click on image!!!



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Mikey has decided he likes his little sister.  She has brought excitement back into his day.  Chewing sticks, digging holes and napping are much better with a buddy.

Cuddle Bugs

Cuddle Bugs

The kitties think so too (sometimes).

Rare scene!

Rare scene!

Jessica thinks so too!


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Ahhh Finally


Naptime!!!  My days right now consist of wake up at around 3:30, let dogs out, go back to bad (if lucky) for about 1 hour.  Wake up for the day, make coffee, make dog’s breakfast, drink coffee, go outside, play for 1 – 2 hours, watch dogs nap for 2 hours, go outside, play for 2 hours, nap etc etc etc.  When bedtime finally arrives for the night, I am lucky to get a corner or the very edge.  I thought it was bad when it was just Mikey (the big one), but now there are 2 bed hogs.  Oh well, I can sacrifice for the short time my furry friends will be in my life.

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