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Outside again!

jessandcharkie lily mikeysniffing

graybee garlicchives lightcosmo mikeymaisie hydrangeawaterfar mikey

hydrangeawater closecosmopollen gardeningangel



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My wonderful brother and sister-in law are allowing me to borrow their macro lens.  Fun!!!!  I still am trying to get the hang of the thing and need to find my tripod but I have taken a bunch of pics.  There are quite a few that are far from great but I like them anyway!!! I really do need to try to take pictures somewhere other than my backyard!! Okay, bear with me, I know they are not great but heck, practice makes better!


beeinballoonflower beeonchive

butterflybushbutterfly butterflybushbutterflyclose

smallspider spider

hydrangea pinkflower

pinkflowertall pinkflowermiddleclose pinkflowersidebud

rosebud flowermiddle metalbirds

surpriselilyclose minimikey lilybydoor

maisiecute mikeybydoor lilypaws


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I found a couple of new gardening friends.  The caterpillar will become a black swallow-tail butterfly.

brightcaterpillar caterpillar pinkflower1

butterfly spider pinkfloweranddill

charkielookingup charkietop

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Here we go again!

Some new pictures from the garden:

beeonrussionsage birdbathdoves fullhydrangea butterflybushclose

hydrangeaclose orangenasturtium rose

russiansage surpriselily
And since Lily was jealous that only Charkie was in the last post:

grumpylily lilylookingatmaisie

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balloonflower daisies lilylg mikeyjr butterfly liliesgrouprockwall turtle

hostasundercrabapple angelwingbegonia balloonfloweropen

hostas hydrangea beeandhosta

maisiegarlicchives mikey smileymaisie


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Things are green!!!

gardenwithmikey cucumber beans

greenonions tomatoes pepper

tomatoes zucchini dill

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veggarden1 beans2 zucchini

clematis1 clematis2

hydrangea1 hydrangea2

And of course, my gardening counterparts –


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